Post-Foreclosure Eviction Defense

Facing foreclosure and eviction of your home is a terrible predicament. With the slowing economy and high unemployment rates, paying your mortgage may become a formidable task.

Mirk Law Group will help you determine the best way to avoid eviction, even after the bank has enacted a foreclosure on your home. Through a loan modification, claiming bankruptcy, consolidating debt, filing litigation against the bank, or a combination of any of these strategies, we can work with you to help you save your home.

The most common defense to post-foreclosure eviction is negotiating a new loan modification. Your home loan can be modified in many ways. Both extension of the loan period and reduction of interest rates will lower your monthly payment so that it is more affordable.

Converting your mortgage from a variable to a fixed rate can also lower monthly payments. Re-amortization of your loan places the amount of your missed payments back on to the principal balance. Then, a new loan can be issued at a reduced interest rate for a new and longer period of time.

All these elements of loan modification work together to lower your monthly payments and keep you in your home.

Saving your home after it has gone into foreclosure is possible, but you need expert legal defense that will guide you in navigating the tricky legal terrain that you must travel. Mirk Law Group will be your legal guide.