MirkLaw Practice Areas


If you have fallen behind on your loan payments and received a notice of default or notice of sale, you need to take action fast to prevent the loss of your home.  There are various options available to you such as: loan modification negotiations, short sale, litigation to either stop a trustee’s sale or rescind a completed sale of your property. 

Mirk Law Group has a wealth of experience representing both homeowners and large financial lender institutions. This gives us the upper hand in foreclosure defense for homeowners because we know how the other side thinks. 

Whether you are a homeowner facing a wrongful foreclosure or you simply want to prevent an impending foreclosure, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to provide you with an effective defense and insightful solutions.

Real Estate 

Mirk Law Group has the expertise to assist you with any real estate issue you may be faced with.  We are highly experienced with reviewing and drafting purchase agreements and mortgage documentation, resolving title issues, land development matters and property disputes.  Whether you need assistance, contract review or litigation services, Mirk Law Group has the experience to help you with your real estate matters.

Business Start-up and Litigation

Mirk Law Group offers a full spectrum of legal services in the area of business law. Whatever your needs are, we will help you find the right solution.

We provide assistance with business/corporate formation where we will guide you from the beginning of your startup and prepare the necessary forms to be filed with secretary of state.  We also provide business drafting solutions to help you prepare various operational agreements including but not limited to stock-purchase agreements, employment agreements, LLC Operating Agreements, Bylaws, and corporate resolutions.

In the event that any problems arise either in business dealings with third parties or within your own business, we have seasoned litigators who can defend your business if you are sued or if you need to file a lawsuit against another party. We can handle matters including breach of contract, unfair competition, unfair business practices, defamation, interference with prospective business advantage, breach of warranty, breach of promissory note, partnership and shareholder disputes, fraud, concealment, and a variety of other business disputes.


Mirk Law group provides competent and tenacious landlord and tenant litigation services, including evictions and post-foreclosure eviction defense. Our disciplined group of lawyers cogently stakes your claim and mitigates your losses in any landlord/tenant dispute.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we provide a variety of legal assistance to cover your needs for any landlord-tenant issue that may arise.  Since we represent both tenants and landlords, we are quick to target all issues and get you to your desired outcome as efficiently as possible.  Our services include: Post-Foreclosure Eviction Defense for Tenants, Filing Unlawful Detainer Actions for Landlords, Tenant Unlawful Detainer Defense.

Personal Injury/Civil Litigation 

Mirk Law Group offers intensive litigation services for clients who have experienced a consumer or work-related personal injury through no fault of their own. We also negotiate settlement agreements for clients who have suffered the wrongful death of a family member.

Personal injury claims regard damage done to one’s physical body, as well as one’s emotional and/or mental state. We realize that no amount of money can undo the personal damage and/or heartache you have endured. Nonetheless, we are committed to helping you obtain the fullest compensation possible for your injuries or the wrongful death of your family member.

Concierge Legal Services:

If you are a small to mid-size business and have legal needs, but may not have the resources to have a full-time legal department, we can help. With our concierge legal services program, you are able to pay a monthly fee and have our firm available to serve as legal counsel whenever your legal matters arise.  We offer different monthly payment plans to best suit your needs but can be available to respond to your employment related issues, draft demand letters, cease and desist letters, manage small claims suits, or simply answer legal inquiries that you or your business may encounter.