Pre-Lawsuit Default Settlement

If you have defaulted on your home loan, chances are you need guidance in determining the best way to proceed. Mirk Law Group can help you avoid a lawsuit by drafting a loan modification negotiation or a forbearance agreement. Both of these options can result in a modified payment plan with reductions of principal.

Failure to make your monthly mortgage payment can be the result of many unforeseen misfortunes, including financial hardship due to being laid-off, or an unexpected accident or illness in your family. Radical changes in the lending environment can also lead to difficulties with mortgage payments.

Our goal is to keep you in your home by negotiating the best possible solution with your lender. Life circumstances change, but having a roof over your head is an ongoing necessity. Mirk Law Group will do everything in our power to ensure you the safety and security of your own home. With years of dealing successfully with pre-lawsuit default settlements, we may be your greatest life-line in a time of extreme need.